2nd Kyokushin Self-Defense Karatedo Championship

May 21, 2023 Ota Ward General Gymnasium

After the great success of the first tournament, the World Kyokushin Goshin Karatedo Federation will hold the second tournament in May 2023 at the Ota Ward General Gymnasium.

All karate schools (Ryukyu/Okinawa karate, four major schools of Shotokan, Goju-ryu, Wado-ryu, Shito-ryu, etc., Bogu karate styles such as Renbukai, etc.), Japan Karate Association, Nippon Kempo will show off the power of karate.

This competition is an organize tournament, and

Not only Kyokushin Karate and Full Contact Karate, but also all schools of Karate such as Ryukyu/Okinawa Karate, Traditional Karate, Bogu Karate, and Nippon Kempo, as well as Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Rise, K-Crush/K-1, and Mixed Martial Arts. Active professional athletes such as strikers and boxing enthusiasts are invited to participate, aiming for a competition with various athletes.

The target number of participants is 64 or more. Professionals and amateurs are mixed together.

Professionals participates in martial arts

We will set up a martial arts scholarship the same in the first event and make it an exciting tournament.

・Winner 500,000 yen

・Second place 400,000 yen

・3rd place 300,000 yen

・4th place 200,000 yen

・Best 8 prize 50,000 yen

※The martial arts scholarship will be given to the gym you belong to.

【Competition Summary】
Date: May 21, 2023
Place: Ota Ward General Gymnasium
Participation fee: 16,500 yen * Active professional players (ranked 4th or higher in the past) will be free of charge.
Eligibility: Age 15-60 (deliberation required)

Please join us!!

[Participation Benefits]

≪Amateur/Semi Pro≫
・Five 22,000 yen unreserved arena tickets (worth 110,000 yen) per participating player
・You can sell it to your supporters at any price.
・Please raise the participation fee, transportation and accommodation expenses from the sales.

・We will sell an unlimited number of 22,000 yen unreserved arena tickets for 5,500 yen each.
・You can sell it to your own supporters, cheerleaders, and supporters at any price.
・Please pay for transportation and accommodation.

About the tournament

This tournament competition will be held under the following three thorough safety systems.

1. "Drag Glove" as a batting glove.

All competitors will wear the newly developed original striking glove “Drag Glove”.

❶ Newly developed original drag gloves (light weight 21 cm diameter, medium weight 22 cm diameter, and heavy weight 22 cm diameter gloves with 2 air holes)

It has a handle inside.

If you drop the dora glove during the match, it will be a "weapon drop" and the opponent will have wazaari as a result.

❷ The use of safe large double/triple metal cups (double protection of metal and lower abdomen)

Drag gloves, double and triple crotch supporters are sold on the Battle Fitness Omori website.


but it would be best if you could purchase the drag gloves for practice.

However, you can possibly double the crotch supporter for practice.

During the match, if the opponent's weight class is 90kg or more, it is safe to triple the crotch supporter.

❸ 4-point & 3-second knockdown rule to ensure safety

*Face strikes are Wazaari with 2 blows and 2 points, ippon wins with 4 points, and the match ends.

*A crotch hit wins ippon with 2 hits and 4 points, and the match ends.

This triple match rule guarantees safety.

This safety measures has already been proven in the 1st round of 17 competitors on Sunday, June 27, 2021, and the 2nd round of 36 competitors on Saturday, November 20, 2021, with a total of 53 competitors and 53 matches.

→ This is based on the report of the tournament doctor who attended both test tournaments

* 2 competitors who just had nosebleeds in their noses
*Bleeding on the lip and forehead due to batting (However, one of the competitors was injured by hitting the teeth and forehead because he did not have a mouthpiece in violation of regulations)
*2 competitors had bruises
*1 competitor had ankle sprain

Except for ankle sprain, all 6 players had mild injuries.

However, there were almost no injuries, whether it was a blow in the crotch or a blow to the face.

Please get a see the safety from videos of past test tournaments, and the feeling of the tournament and the style of the matches due to its safety.

5 items of player equipment before the game (4 items are required)

❶ Mouthpiece

→ Competitors bring their own.

❷ Drag gloves by weight

Size XS, SS, S

→ The organizer will prepare everything.

→ My drag gloves purchased in advance can also be used.

However, please use the proper size drag gloves according to the weight of the player.

❸ Double/Triple crotch supporter (prepared by the organizer)

*If the weight of the opponent is over 90kg, make sure to use triple.

→In the case of triple, the bottom one is a personal supporter brought by the competitor or a supporter prepared by the organizer

→ All competitors under 90kg must use double gold cups prepared by the organizer.

❹ Knee supporter → Athletes weighing 90kg or more wear supporters with a thickness of 1.5cm or more on both the left and right knees.

→Athletes weighing less than 90 kg must wear knee supporters with a thickness of 1.5 cm or more on each side.

❺ Wear long supporters for shins, insteps, and toe covers on the left and right.

→ To prevent damage to nails and insteps from kicking

The above 5 points will be confirmed by the corner staff on the player entrance corner side and 2 assistant referees, a total of 3 people.

*If you do not wear even one, you will be forfeit and unable to participate in the match.

→ Again, the game with full equipment.

For the competition

We hope that this tournament will be a re-start of different style of competition that reproduces the 1st All Japan Tournament for the first time in Kyokushin Karate.

This tournament will recreate the original kumite of karate, such as Ryukyu/Okinawa karate, traditional Japanese karate, and Kyokushin & full contact karate, and will be a competition to meet the strong current and former pros of Muay Thai and kickboxing.

In other words, will karate revive as he strongest world!?
Will you lose to a professional Muay Thai and kickboxers again!?
It will be the first full-contact martial arts tournament in the world.

We are looking forward to the participation of different schools and athletes.

We are waiting for the participation of various schools, dojos, and kickboxing gyms in the karate world.

Contact or inquiry

090-3155-2821(Mr. Hamai)

Or via LINE QR Code
Please contact Mr. Hamai on LINE.

If you would like to participate in the tournament, please fill out the following documents (application form and pledge), attach your photo, and send it to us.

■ Sending by mail
6-18-1 Minamioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Omori Station Front Housing Building No. 1, Room 1036
Mose Co., Ltd. Representative Director Noriyasu Hamai

■ Send by E-mail (LINE is also is possible)

■ Payment Info
Yuucho Bank 一三八イチサンハチ Futsu 0275031
16,500 yen per participant