Chairman Hamai passed away due to acute myeloid leukemia on December 14, 2023,
a funeral ceremony was held by his bereaved family in Kanazawa on the 23rd of the same month.

Initially, we had planned to hold a farewell party in Tokyo,
due to various circumstances.
we would like to inform you that have decided not to hold a farewell party for Chairman Hamai.

We ask for your understanding.

January 19, 2024

Kyokushinkaikan Rikishakai
President, Akihiro Tanaka

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What is Rikishakai


The world begins with power and ends with gratitude.
Without power, you cannot live.
Without gratitude, people cannot coexist.

*Keep your head low and your goal high
→The goal is to raise strength and power, like an elephant

*Honor and respect from where it started
→A symbol of coexistence, co-prosperity, and symbiosis with people through

Rikishakai was born cause we believe that power and gratitude are the two Kyokushin spirits.

Noriyasu Hamai

"Knowledge of traditional martial arts and traditional arts"

Addition is fine, but subtraction should never be done.
This is my basic principle, my way of thinking about martial arts and karate.

Do not subtract traditional teachings and techniques in martial arts and karate.
In other words, do not omit, remove or lessen.
However, you can do as many additions as you like.
You can revise and add your spirit and technique as much as you like.

Low head and high eyes

Keep your mouth shut and be open minded

Honor and respect from where it started

"One generation of karate idiots"

Masutatsu Oyama


Noriyasu Hamai’s opponent Takeo Nakayama, who was his senior when he was at Kyokushin Kaikan Ashihara Dojo


Our Videos

We will deliver the charm of Kyokushin Kaikan Karate to everyone,
「Kyokushin Kaikan Rikishakai」official video collection.